A Car Owners Guide to Brake Repairs

Brake Fluid and Hydraulic Components Government regulations specify the hydraulic fluid used in brake systems. Brake fluid is exposed to a very wide range of temperatures from ambient temperatures far below zero to near one degrees of glowing hot metal under hard braking. One relatively unknown characteristic of brake fluid is its tendency to absorb […]

Pain in Knee

Knee pain is a fact of life, especially if you are over the age of 50. Minor injuries that occur when people are in their 2os or 30s can develop into painful osteo arthritic conditions that cause chronic discomfort, swelling and problems with mobility when they are in their 605 and 705. According to the […]

5 Potent Vegan Sources of Plant-Based Protein

Whether for health or dietary concerns, for the planet, or for the animals, many people choose to not consume animal products. From a nutritional standpoint, eliminating meat and dairy from your diet can create a protein-shaped hole that needs filling. Nutritionists suggest a daily intake of 56g of protein for an average man and 46g […]

Six Things To Do To Become a Better Runner

Better running isn’t simply a matter of running faster or for a longer period. While every runner would like to improve their abilities, knowing how to actually get better can be trickier. Here are six good ways to become a stronger, more effective runner, outside of simply running harder. 1. Get enough sleep. Just like […]

Six Gadgets That Help Hearing-Impaired People

Hearing impairment is incredibly common in the United States alone, with 17% of Americans suffering from some degree of hearing loss Hearing assistance is available in the form of hearing aids for some, but they are expensive, require maintenance, and don’t always work as promised. Even the best hearing aids don’t completely restore hearing, and […]

Enjoy Being Fit – and Don’t Judge

You work hard to maintain your level of fitness. You’re active every day and you get a more intense workout at least a few times a week, too. You wouldn’t even think about skipping it, because it’s a habit that’s positive in so many ways. It gives you energy and resiliency, improves your mood, adds […]

An Overview of Migraine and Tension Headaches

Most people have occasional headaches, but chronic head pain can be disabling and affect your quality of life. There are many different types of headaches, and just as many causes. However, tension headaches are the most common type of headaches, while migraines are one of the most severe. Any level of pain can be distracting, […]

America’s 9 Coolest College Campuses

What’s so great about life on campus when you don’t have one worth bragging about? A healthy, vibrant and event-filled campus life is what most students look forward to for their college years Here’s a roundup – in no particular order – of which colleges in the US are a cut above the rest. 1. […]