America’s 9 Coolest College Campuses

What’s so great about life on campus when you don’t have one worth bragging about? A healthy, vibrant and event-filled campus life is what most students look forward to for their college years Here’s a roundup – in no particular order – of which colleges in the US are a cut above the rest.

1. Envision a perfect campus life: Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California

If the already-wonderful dining hall at Claremont McKenna College were not enough, the school is within easy walking distance of the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, Harvey Mudd College and Scripps College. In addition to the sumptuous meals in and around campus, Claremont Village features some interesting shops and a small theater known for independent and lesser-known films. Add the great California weather, happening social life, small classes and proximity to other colleges and you get a campus that’s one ofthe coolest on this list.

2. Study hard, chill harden Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

A self-sufficient campus that doesn’t make you run marathons to get from class to class makes VT a big hit. Although it’s a large campus, it’s divided into an academic block and a residence block, separated by a bustling stretch of land known as the Drill field. Even though VT is a tough school known for the strength of its academic programs its BreakZONE Recreation Center is popular hangout spot that offers billiards, bowling, table tennis and other recreational activities. Super fast computers and unbeatable tech support make VT a very cool and well-wired campus.

3. As good as New York gets: Columbia University, New York, New York

For those enthralled by New York City, nothing compares to living your dream at Columbia University. One of the most beautiful urban college campuses spread over 36-acres, it’s surrounded by serene parks and museum-like settings One is
inspired to study by such Columbia landmarks as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Riverside Park and Grant’s Tomb. The university houses the most-filmed lecture hall in America: Have meyer 30 9. This classic building has been featured in many movies including Spidennan, Ghostbusters and Mona Lisa Smile. A bit of Columbia trivia: the Goldwyn Pictures‘ symbol, Leo the Lion, was inspired by Columbia University’s lion mascot.

4. Silicon Valley’s all-time favorite: Stanford University, Stanford, California

A recent survey by the Princeton Review, the college test preparation company, revealed that Stanford has replaced Harvard as the penultimate “dream school”. Many technology leaders are Stanford alums, and a good portion of grads head to Silicon Valley where they write cod e, sell apps and change the world – as proven by the dozens of Nobel Prize winners among Stanford graduates and faculty. It’s possible these high achievers got their motivation from the beautifully inspirational view of the campus from Hoover Tower.

5. Feeling at home in college: Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

Joseph Rago of The Wall Street Journal said ” It is not unfair, or an exaggeration, to call it half college and half cult” when he described the loyalty Dartmouth alumni have for their alma mater – it accurately describes this unique, close-knit culture. Here, students study as hard as they party, and they party hard. The Dartmouth Outing Club -the country’s oldest and largest collegiate outing club is a favorite pick among undergrads who want to explore the great outdoors. And if you’re looking for the diverging roads in the woods, you’ll find them at Robert Frost’s alma mater – the Rauner library houses a massive collection of the poet’s manuscripts, letters and recordings.

6. The university of fountains: Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

A seemingly endless number of fountains, the Bush presidential Center, fabulously high tuition rates, a conservative line of thought and a sweet mustang mascot named Peruna are just some of the hallmarks of SM U. Located in Highland Park – one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Texas – it’s surrounded by trendy restaurants, high- end shopping and really cool bars in the Uptown area. SMU is known for its outstanding Journalism faculty and is becoming increasingly ethnically diverse.

7. Famous for the famous: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

An elite institution that offers world-class academics, Yale is known for its extremely challenging application process, its top-ranked schools of Law and Management and the Yale Bulldogs, the official name for the members of the 35 varsity sports teams Despite the tough academics, Yalies aren’t always a serious bunch – the Yale Record is the oldest college humor magazine in the nation. Prole and famous Yalies include William F. Buckley, George H. W. Bush, Meryl Streep, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jodie Foster, Paul Krugman, Sarah Hughes, Jennifer Connelly and Anderson Cooper.

8. It’s all for women at: Scripps College, Claremont, California

Scripps College is dedicated to educating women both professionally and personally and at this school, women rule educationally and in almost every sphere imaginable. As a private liberal arts school, it provide slots of individual attention, spacious campus housing, group trips to nearby Disneyland, Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean and the Mojave Desert. Alumni and current students come together for lively discussions at the Commons and the campus coffeehouse, and the cafeteria features themes such as Sushi Friday and Korean Taco Night .The ethnic diversity and vibrant nightlife at Scripps make it a campus where students create many memories.

9. The best campus dining: Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Located in the heart of Princeton, the University is known for its sprawling historic campus, impeccable teaching and high academic standards that attract more applicants every year. When you enter Princeton, you get to be a part of what may be the largest outdoor pre-orientation program in the US Campus dining includes Sunday brunch – a bit hit among the students – and dozens of student-run eating clubs. Princeton is fun cam pus to be on, provided you know the Princeton slang-the names for the multitude of traditions, ceremonies and rituals including the Cane Spree, Dean’s Date, Holder Howl and the Princeton

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